Friday, June 18, 2010

King William's Mace

News article about restoration of the Mace and display click here

Diary Discovered Sheds new light on the unfolding history of the battle
Were the Irish forces Too Drunk to fight click here


As new sources are discovered and new paradigms of explanation are invented we find the history of the Battle of the Boyne taking on many new dimensions. It is our view here that there can be as many interpretations if not more, than the number of minds working on the problem. Each has a role to play and is in addition to the history of the battle itself- part of the shockwave that it sends through time each wave adding another wrinkle to the expanded history.

As with the history the celebration of the battle can have many interpretations and can take many forms- from trimphalism to mourning and everything in between. How do people gather and celebrate? What activities have they invented, recipes, songs, processions. All of these are also part of the history of the battle.

On this blog we have an opportunity to collect history making it more accessible and add to the history with new interpretations and elements of celebration. I invite your participation.